Water sterilizer 80% of diseases are caused by poor water quality. "(Louis Pasteur). Water is indispensable for human body. Since ancient times human settlements were established along rivers or near water sources.
Human daily requirement of water is about 1.5-2 liters consumed as such, but for body cleaning and other household needs, a man uses about 150-200 liters of water daily.
Sterilizers UV lamps (UV) are specially designed to remove water from bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoa, molds, etc..
Disinfection, sterilization water is naturally by ultra-violetecu irradiation wavelength of 254nm, no chemicals and without generating hazardous waste.
The cheapest and safest method of water disinfection. Protects your family 24 hours from 24.

There is no danger of overdose. The chemical composition of water remains unchanged. Easy to install and maintain.

aKT-UV-55 -It is a high efficiency sterilization destroys 99.9% of bacteria in water. Due to the power of 55W Philips lamp is able to provide sterilized water for a 4-6 home consumers. Efficient UV sterilization system is strictly related chemical composition of water. To get maximum efficiency water should be filtered sediment and impurities, softened, and then passed through the UV system to be disinfected. KT-UV-55 is designed with connection 1 "not to reduce water flow and pressure in the house. Lamp Philips is designed to work 8000 hours. After this period it is recommended to change as it loses intensity and not has the same efficiency. Drosera that feeds the lamp is equipped with visual alarm that indicates the unit operation.

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