Drinking Water SystemsDrinking water systems are systems ultrafiltration (0.0001 microns) used to remove harmful salts from the water body. Among other existing salt water, the most dangerous are nitrites and nitrates. Nitrate (NO3) is an essential source of nitrogen (N) for plants. When nitrogen fertilizers are used to enrich the soil, nitrates can be worn away by rain, irrigation and other surface water through ground water. Nitrates are chemical components without color, smell or taste. Nitrogen fertilizers are the number one source of nitrates in drinking water, while the second main source is human waste and animal manure. They can contribute to contamination of drinking water both urban and those bottled.

Nitrates danger to the body lies in the fact that, as a result of various changes, they are converted into nitrosamines and nitrozamide possessing carcinogenic properties.

aKT-RO-50 - It is a drinking water system that uses membrane filtration as the main element osmotic density of 0.0001 microns. This membrane is purified water to eliminate the 90% of the salts in water. Due to this water filtration system becomes fada and close the specifications of pure water, so to be reintroduced in drinking water minerals like calcium and magnesium through remineralization filter. The KT-RO-50 is recommended to use water for drinking, cooking and washing machine water ultrafiltration fruit because it is quite cumbersome, filtering tank 8 liters in about 35-40 minutes.

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