KARETECH WORLD GROUP was founded in 1989. Our strategy is to enter the market of water filtration systems, sedimentation, softening, purification and sterilization using organic materials and technologies interwoven in the EU.

With a mission that prioritizes customer, finding the best solution for them is a priority.

We define adaptability, perfectionism and power to seek and find solutions. These, combined with the enthusiasm and tenacity of our team of young engineers may require only one course - one upward. Given the diversity and innovation as priorities, our ambition is to offer the best service in price - quality ratio.

Provider and assembly systems and equipment for domestic and industrial filtration, treatment, potable, water softening and sterilize any liability and / or capacity components.


We also offer expert advice and professional service for any maintenance filtration systems, sterilization, water softener or water dechlorination!

To solve the problems due to numerous chemical and bacteriological contaminants present in drinking water, at the request of potential clients and investors team of designers and engineers technologists Karetech offers technical expertise and execution.

Own or those applied technologies, installations and equipment used help solve wide range of problems caused by poor water quality in the distribution network.

During expertise and we appreciate the applicability of this technology proposals for it, along with presentation return on investment calculations, as well as any supplies that appear in the system.

Our products and services will guarantee you and your family many years of operation, safety and satisfaction.

Do not risk your family's health never neglecting offer products and services our company!


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