- Sand, mud or sediment of any kind is present in soil water due to terrestrial layers. Depending on the depth of drill rigs and soil type we face serious problems caused by sediment, and clogging pipes, destroying electrical equipment, low water pressure, damage pumps and pumping groups.

Removing sediment from water is done using special filters designed to prevent its penetration in our home.

In the case where water is abundantly present in the residue, filtering in step is performed so as not to clog the filter rapidly. Filters shall be mounted high filtration fineness, sieve, followed by small fine filters, cartridge type string or foam.


- Limestone is present in water due tersestre layers rich in calcium and magnesium. Consequences of using water with high hardness are devastating in a short time can destroy entire plumbing and related equipment.

To remove limescale from the water, the most effective method is the use of stations cationic softener resin. Limestone is retained in the resin softening station and then is removed in the form of calcium chloride and magnesium drains.


- Iron and manganese are present in ground layers rich in water due to iron and manganese. Usually this is due to their great depth of drill rigs. Their elimination is performed with automated systems deferrization (similar stations softening) with different filter media able to retain iron and manganese from the water. If these are found in small amounts until the drinking water limit, they will be removed softener.


- Bacteria are found in surface waters or in waters stored in open environments. Shallow wells or wells that have not properly isolated aquifers are very easily influenced about batteries. It is possible that after a water analysis bulletin not find bacteria, but if you follow a rainy period they definitely make their appearance. Preventing bacteria is done with water sterilization systems with UV lamps. After installation is recommended UV sterilization equipment complete installation to destroy bacteria colonies developed in it.


- Nitrites and nitrates are salts occurring in surface waters due to nitrogen based fertilizers, soil or rivers spill certain chemicals and due to global pollution. You can avoid the occurrence of nitrates in the water in your home by digging a deep well at least the 3rd groundwater or by using a drinking water system.