Sand, mud and sediment of any kind is present in soil water due to terrestrial layers. Depending on the depth of drill rigs and soil type we face problems ...

How do I get drinking water?

Water is one of the most important resources on the planet, but inadvertently it is polluted due to human industrialization. Water means health, but polluted water ...

How to guard against bacteria in water?


Due to improper sewage networks, leaking septic tanks or simply other sources of groundwater pollution infested bacteriological, increasingly more people from analyzes performed on water, they found that it is infested bacteriological.





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  • Amortization of purchased equipment in your home is very important, so in the next article we present a calculation table to calculate depreciation for treating and filtering water equipments.




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    • In addition to buying equipment and water treatment filter, we must consider the fact that these devices are consumable and should be replaced or added depending on the type of equipment.